The term "garage" can cover a broad range of buildings these days. Garages can serve as wood working shops, home offices, studio apartments, or a place to restore an antique automobile. At Better-Bilt Buildings, we start with the question "How do you plan to use this building?" From your needs, we design a solution that fits.

We have built hundreds of garages all over central Georgia and, with each building, satisfied different needs of different clients. Over the years, we have recognized trends and buildings that are most economical and functional, and we have built many of these structures on our display lot for your inspection.

Because our garages are designed to adhere to the latest code standards, you can use your building for a variety of purposes both now and in the future. We can make provisions for plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling installation for future use. This gives our simple loft garage the potential to be finished as a functional bonus room in the future.

In reality, there are more factors in garage design than just your desires and the capability of the builder. In almost all situations, the local government and/or governing home owners association can have a major impact in the final design. We are experts in dealing with the local ordinances and restrictions, and we handle the permitting process for you. We also provide, with every garage contract, a full set of scaled custom drawings for homeowner association approval. These will make the approval process much easier and expeditious.

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  • Can I change the foundation type, like put a storage building on a slab?

    Yes, we want you to have a building you can use as you see fit. If you want a slab for your storage building, or a masonry foundation and wooden floor for your wood working shop, we can make those changes.

  • Can you make changes in your lot models?

    Absolutely, anything can be changed from Door and Window type and placement to size and roof pitch. Nothing is off limits when it comes to customization.

  • Are your buildings kits?

    No, our buildings are custom designed and built on your lot.

  • How long does it take to build?

    Construction times vary based on the site.